my breeding philosophy

I am a Registered Nurse/Midwife, my husband is a Veterinarian. We have 3 children under the age of 14 and we live on a beautiful, funny farm full of crazy animals close to the Porongurups in the Great Southern WA.

I adhere to a strict code of ethics when it comes to breeding and raising puppies. Whether the litter is a pure bred litter of Cavaliers or a litter of "Cavoodles", my babies are still raised in a home environment and my dogs are family members first and foremost. We welcome you to come for a visit, have a cup of tea (and visit our wineries!)

My dogs (who are much loved family members) are health tested against genetic diseases associated with the breed. All our dogs (Mini Poodles, Golden Retrievers, CKCS and Cocker Spaniels) have also had hip and elbow scores completed and graded, patella cleared and our CKCSs are heart cleared.

Our focus when breeding is to produce healthy puppies, sound of mind and sound of body, with loving, gentle temperaments.  Our babies only go to approved homes and I am very particular about who they go to, so please don't be offended if I request to know about your home life and family. This is simply to ensure that the right puppy is correctly matched to the right family!

All the puppies have their first vaccination, are up to date with regular worming and they go to their homes with some extra worming medication for you to use. They will also go to their new families with SIX WEEKS COMPLIMENTARY PET INSURANCE from PetPlan pet insurance company. 
They are microchipped, and flea free. The puppy's new family will also have a puppy pack with food, toys, their own comfort blanket that they have slept on since birth, a snuggle puppy and lots of information on raising puppies, including crate training. I do an early enrichment program based on the

Puppy Culture philosophy, so that they go to their new homes happy, well adjusted and sound of mind. Some of my previous puppies are now trained Assistance Dogs and Therapy Dogs for special needs children.

The cost for one of our "Oodle" babies is $4000 (as of 1st July 2021).

 Our pure bred CKCSs are $4800.

Although it is a tremendous amount of work (and cost) to raise a litter of puppies, I believe that it is important to keep the cost of puppies within financial reach of most families. I do realise that since Covid many breeders are charging well over $6000, but the lower cost of my babies does not reflect how they're raised and cared for. I believe the cost needs to be kept reasonable, so that families can easily welcome these beautiful breeds into their home and lives.


I am always available for full support and if circumstances ever change then I'm happy to take your puppy back, no questions asked. I am happy to answer any questions, any time.