Our peppertree lane GIRLS

We have four of our own much loved girls who who reside here at Peppertree Lane and are bred with DJ, Frank, Ollie or Monty to give us our Cavoodle babies. 

The girls have all had a full genetic DNA profile done and have tested clear for all breed associated genetic diseases. They have also been heart cleared.


Pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolour

DOB: October 2015

Gentle Gypsy is a doll. She is very quiet and calm, so very soft and gentle. She absolutely adores being a mummy and loves all the babies, even if they’re not hers!


Pure Miniature Poodle

Slate Merle


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


DOB: January 2020


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


DOB: January 2020

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