Our focus when breeding is to produce healthy puppies, sound of mind and sound of body, with loving, gentle temperaments.  

When the puppies come home to their forever families they will have had their first vaccination and will be up to date with regular worming. I also include some extra worming medication for you to use. They also come with 


$4500 (including GST) Cavoodles, Spoodles

$4800 (including GST) for any purebred babies or Groodles

Although it is a tremendous amount of work (and cost) to raise a litter of puppies, I believe that it is important to keep the cost of puppies within the financial reach of most families. I do realise that many breeders of Cavoodles & Spoodles charge over $4500, but the lower cost of my babies does not reflect how they're raised and cared for. I just believe the cost needs to be kept reasonable so that families can easily welcome these beautiful breeds into their homes and lives

All Babies Come With:

  • with1st vaccination completed

  • Microchipped & flea free

  • Up to date with regular worming (extra worming medication to use)

  • 4 weeks free Pet insurance from Knose

  • A puppy pack which includes:

    • bag of dry puppy food

    • toys

    • their own comfort blanket or teddy that they have slept with since birth

    • Information on raising puppies - including crate training

    • copies of parents DNA health testing

    • a Veterinary signed 10 point health check list

    • a bag of all natural treats

    • some toys

I do an early enrichment program with my babies (Puppy Culture), so that they go to their new homes happy, well adjusted and sound of mind. Some of my previous puppies are now trained Assistance Dogs and therapy dogs for children with needs, on the spectrum and anxiety disorders.


Once your puppy is born, I will send you daily photos and progress reports. I usually do this via messenger after starting a private messenger group for the other families with puppies in the same litter. I generally take individual puppy photos when they are 5 and 6 weeks of age. When the puppies are 6 weeks of age and I can see how their temperament is developing, you can give me your first and second preference puppy. If more than one family choose the same puppy then I will allocate as per position on my waiting list. This doesn’t happen often thankfully!

I am always available for full support and if circumstances ever change then I'm happy to take your Cavoodle back, no questions asked. I am happy to answer any questions, any time.

Picking Up Your Puppy

Unfortunately due to the recent outbreak of PARVO in the Perth region we are currently unable to welcome visitors to the farm. As much as this is heartbreaking, the health and safety of our Mums and pups is our most important thing. Parvo can live in the soil of a farm for years and can easily be walked in on shoes or driven in on tires.

Your new family member will be transported to Perth by Sherae Petllink at an additional cost of $200. We have known and worked with Colin for numerous years and guarantee the safety and care of your baby.