About the SPOODLE


The spoodle is a hybrid of an English or American Cocker Spaniel or Springer Spaniel and a Poodle (toy or miniature). They have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. The aim of crossbreeding is to minimise the genetic diseases that can be present in purebred dogs. First-cross spoodles will have the maximum genetic benefits associated with a hybrid dog – in other words, a Spoodle with one parent purebred spaniel and one parent purebred poodle will have less genetic diseases than second or third cross Spoodles.


Spoodles are great for active families with children who are wanting a dog a bit bigger than a Cavoodle, one that is a bit more active, loves the water and is very gentle. They are the same as the Cavoodle in that they are very intelligent, intuitive, loyal and loving. Low to non shedding. They are very protective of their families.



Medium - 25 - 40cm at the wither, depending on the breed of the parents.
Weight - 8 - 14kg


Gold, Ruby, Blonde, Brown, Black - with or without white markings.


Medium to Long - long shaggy to wavy hair, fleece or wool

low to non shedding.



12-15 years


The spoodle is a happy, intelligent, lively and affectionate family dog. They are very sociable and have outgoing personalities. They can adapt to living in a small home or apartment as long as they receive adequate daily exercise. Spoodles can be good guard dogs as they may bark when visitors arrive, however they are not aggressive. They can be a bit more active than a Cavoodle and are often recommended for active families with children, who prefer a slightly larger dog than a Cavoodle.

Their intelligence and eagerness to please can make them easy to train.

Tendency to Bark: They have a deep, low bark that makes them sound larger than what they actually are! Making a perfect guard dog!



Very suitable, especially for older active kids.


Daily walks and regular trips to the dog park will keep help keep a spoodle’s energy levels under control. They enjoy socialising with other dogs and love chasing balls and playing games. They love the water!


Much like the Cavoodle, Spoodles usually do not shed and are often tolerated by allergic people. Their coats do need a bit of care though, generally requiring professional grooming, as well as regular combing and brushing at home. The spoodle should be taken to a groomer about every 6-8 weeks for a clip or tidy up.