"Miss Poppy is our beautiful PepperTree Lane baby who turns one next month. She has the most placid, easy going nature and my girls can do anything with her from riding skateboards to braiding her ears!! Cath breeds the most gorgeous well adjusted babies and we are so blessed to have this special girl in our family." 



"Peppertree Lane Cavoodles and Spoodles breed the most sociable and well adjusted, sweet natured puppies! Our Sammy is so much more than we ever thought possible. He came to us at 9 weeks, already partly house trained and is such a happy and smart little dog."



"We have the most gorgeous, full of character, miniature poodle , Nell from Peppertree lane. We were so lucky to find Catherine. She is the most caring, loving breeder we've ever met, and we have had many dogs over the years. We were so impressed by the way she kept us up to date with pictures and messages as our little girl grew. We had the pleasure of meeting her and her beautiful family when Nell was 4 weeks old. The puppies were all playing together with the children, wonderful to see. At eight weeks old we took home a very happy, well adjusted puppy who has become the light of our lives. We would never get another dog from any other breeder, highly recommend Catherine"



"I have two very bouncy beautiful girls who are pure mini poodles. I got they were born on the 16th of November 2018 and were kept up to date with our girls throughout our journey until we came and got our girls.

She was brilliant at choosing the dogs temperament to meet our needs. I have 2 children who are autistic and the dogs are the most beautiful girls and fit right in our family. I would easily get another dog from Peppertree Lane and have even recommended them to others.

Not only have I received her beautiful dogs I have watched her groups on how she tries to help unwanted dogs. Once you collect your dogs it doesn't end there I also have received guidance when I have needed it, I was even informed as I wasn't sure if litter mates was something I was happy with but was reassured she would take one of our girls back if we found it too difficult but the girls love each other so much they pine without the other."



"This is Ruby with her best friend our 22 month old grandson. Ruby is everything we wanted she’s perfect. Thank-you Catherine and your family for all the great effort to give us perfect puppies. Love Nola & Rob."



"Getting a puppy from PepperTree Lane was such an incredible experience that we got two!! Our beautiful dogs were raised in a loving home surrounded by fresh air, children, animals and all sorts of wonders before coming to join our family. Catherine is amazing with all the enrichment she does for her dogs and puppies, and she is a wealth of knowledge. Melinda is fabulous and is happy to answer any questions along the way. They make a great team, which results in happy, healthy puppies!!"



"We have been completely blessed to have not one but two PTL pups in our family. Service dogs for all three of my special needs children. Very switched on amazing fur babies.."​



"We feel incredibly blessed to have been able to have one of Catherine’s puppies. Her loving nature towards her extended family is evident in her puppies she breeds. We got our beautiful Billie girl 3 years ago and can’t imagine life without her."



"Eevee is nearly 8 months now with my daughter. They are the best of friends. Our beautiful girl who is very much loved.

Shes is intelligent and confident. She is the perfect addition to our family. I would recommend PepperTree Lane to any of my friends and family"



"We were lucky enough to get our gorgeous Franklin from PepperTree Lane Cavoodles 2.5 years ago. He has the most beautiful nature, and has been an amazing addition to our family. We also now have 3 friends with cavoodles from Catherine since they fell in love with franklin too! They are definitely worth the wait!"





Our Cavoodle baby from PepperTree Lane Cavoodles joined our family 2 years ago and she has been the best fit for our large family! We just adore her beautiful nature and we would be lost without her daily cuddles!



PTL Hubert - Aka Bertie!

Well worth the wait! This bundle if fluff has brightened our days and warmed our nights more than words can say. Catherine and her family made us so welcome to visit our chosen pup as often as we needed a cuddle in his early weeks, graciously offered us a cuppa whilst we rolled around in her kennels getting to know our little man at just 4 weeks old. He came to us confident, cuddly and in true cute podgey puppy health and smelt divine from his little bath she gave him. Bertie’s after care has been incredible, ongoing interest in his wellbeing is a delight when i cant help but share his latest cute photos. Will be forever grateful to have discovered such a beautiful family breeder. Encouraged to keep in touch with Berties siblings, I feel like i found a new family in Peppertree Lane. Highly recommend and worth every countdown sleep!



"My Charlie came to me 6 months ago. He's so stable and confident compared to our Harry who we loved for 12 years. Charlie is confident, intelligent and makes us laugh every day. Catherine is a brilliant breeder and I researched a lot before I went to her. I waited over a year for Charlie but I'm so glad I did. Peppertree Lane are the best..."



"My new puppy Rocket, the second puppy i have from Peppertree lane. My first puppy i got 2 years ago from Catherine is just the best healthiest girl, i had no hesitation getting a puppy from her when i was ready for my second cavalier 2 years after the first, to join our family."


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